Coding with Scratch - Intermediate Games

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Coding with Scratch - Intermediate Games

This is for intermediate coding using Scratch ( This 4 week online class and is a follow up to our Coding with Scratch - Beginner Games!

If you have not taken the beginner class, but are familiar with Scratch, this is a great starting point. If you are not familiar with Scratch, be aware that this class assumes a certain level of knowledge and is fast paced.

Class size is limited to 3 students per class so we can make the most of our time and still get individualized instruction.  Small classes may be asked to combine with a different class.

Recommended for 4th - 8th grade, but contact us if you have questions (

We'll meet twice a week via video chat for 30-minutes each session plus the instructor will be available via email or chat to help with any questions. Times are all Central Time Zone. 

Details of the first class will be sent via email including login for Scratch and video chat details. Typically those are sent the weekend before the class starts, please check your spam folder if you haven't received something by Sunday evening. 

We offer Beginner and Advanced coding for Scratch courses too. Check out all our coding classes here:


  • Access to the internet
  • Access to computer or tablet that can use a web browser
  • Email address for contact

We'll start with basic guidelines for how to code and some best practices and then jump straight into the fun of creating your own games.

The following outline is the basic guideline of what will be covered:

Lesson 1: Level II Games | Dog and Bone

  • Creating variables
  • Update variables based on conditions

Lesson 2: Level II Games | Catch the Donut

  • Using operators in game programming

Lesson 3: Level II Games | Up in the Clouds

  • Combination motion and operators

Lesson 4: Level II Games | Code Preview

  • Finish previous game, if needed
  • Code preview and practice for next set of games

Lesson 5: Level II Games | Flappy Fish

  • Moving game backgrounds

Lesson 6: Level II Games | Helicopter Pilot

  • Variable calculations
  • Looping backgrounds

Lesson 7: Level II Games | Snake

  • Create drawn line in program based on motion

Lesson 8: Level II Games | Ping Pong

  • Creating two player game

This book is not required, but is the baseline for what we are working out of if you want a reference.


If you have specific requests, please email us at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review