Coding with Scratch Jr - Beginner Games

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Coding with Scratch Jr - Beginner Games

This is for beginner coding using Scratch Jr. This 4 week online class will show kids how to use Scratch Jr and get up and coding quickly! 

Class size is limited to 3 students per class so we can make the most of our time and still get individualized instruction.  If there are fewer than 2 students signed up for a class, you may be asked to combine with a different class.

Recommended for Kindergarten-3rd grade, but contact us if you have questions (

We'll meet twice a week via video chat for 30-minutes each session plus the instructor will be available via email or chat to help with any questions. Times are all Central Time Zone.


  • Access to the internet
  • Access to computer or tablet that can install the Scratch Jr app or download the computer version
  • Email address for contact

Program required for coding:

Download the desktop version here for Mac or PC:

Download the app version to Apple or Android tablet (available for limited Kindle versions).  Links to stores here: 

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play
Download on the Chrome Web Store Get it on Amazon

We'll start with basic guidelines for how to code and some best practices and then jump straight into the fun of creating your own games.

The following outline is the basic guideline of what will be covered:

Lesson 1: Intro to coding

  • Safety and Security discussion
  • Scratch Jr orientation
  • Create first character and background

Lesson 2: First games | Aquarium

  • Adding characters
  • Adding background
  • Moving characters around

Lesson 3: First games | Barnyard

  • Adding sound to a game

Lesson 4: First games | Obstacle course/maze

  • Customizing backgrounds and code for moving characters

Lesson 5: First games | Driving around town

  • Customizing movements and switching backgrounds

Lesson 6: First games | Bumper Cars

  • Multiple characters and code

Lesson 7: First games | TBD

  • coding TBD

Lesson 8: First games | TBD

  • coding TBD


If you have specific requests, please email us at


(No reviews yet) Write a Review