How's it work?

We come to you. Whether that's at your house, a meeting space or wherever, you provide the space and we provide the staff and the DIY projects.  Typically an event would include a kit purchased off our site for the number of participants, plus additional DIY projects depending on the nature of the event.

For instance, a kids birthday party will typically include an age appropriate kit with a take-home for the kids, a paper craft in the theme of the day and two more activities to keep the kids engaged for the two-hours.


As with any event, there may be special circumstances, but in general our costs are $10/participant for a 2-hour event.  If you decide you want to add a kit to your event, that kit cost would be additional and based on complexity of the kit and the components.  All of our kits are shown on the website unless you have a special request. We will confirm the pricing of any special kits and purchasing will be processed through our website.

Ready to get started?

Please fill out our form (Event Request) so we can get in touch to schedule your event and discuss the details.  

Additional questions?

Please email us!